Westlake University- Changemaker

What a changemaker is, what Westlake University does to become a changemaker, and how students can discover their own potential to be a changemaker.

What is changemaker?

Changemaker is a mindset that enables individuals to see themselves as agents of positive change. Changemakers are optimistic, open-minded, and proactive thinkers who are motivated by the desire to make their community and world a better place. As a changemaker, Westlake University is designed to help students build a foundation in problem-solving and creativity that will help them thrive in the workforce.

How does Westlake University become a changemaker?

Westlake University hopes to be an explorer of China’s higher education reform. Westlake University will explore the talent training model, technology evaluation standards, and modern university management mechanisms. The University will humbly learn from domestic and overseas institutions and draw on the mature experience of world-class universities. Westlake University follows the school-running orientation of “high starting point, small but refined, and research-oriented”, draws on international practices, and opens a new chapter in the diversification of Chinese higher education.

What students should do?

To be a changemaker, Weatlake University’s students must first be open-minded and willing to learn from others. They must also have strong motivation and determination to achieve their goals. Finally, they must be able to work collaboratively with others to create successful projects.

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