Criminal Defense Lawyers Near Me in Blooming Grove New York 10914

Professional Criminal Law Firm

Benjamin Greenwald is really a professional criminal defense attorney in Blooming Grove New York that’s the ability required to represent you in your criminal case.

When looking to hire a New York criminal defense lawyers near me, we understand your concerns and we understand them well. No body desires to be treated with less than complete respect or purchase inferior legal representation.

We pride ourselves with only bringing the most effective to the table with qualified and experienced OUI lawyer who will make you satisfied…big case or small. We have built our solid reputation on it! You may be completely confident once you choose Greenwald Law Firm that you’ve made a good choice and we will go the additional mile to cause you to another satisfied customer. We don’t accept anything less and you shouldn’t either!

Criminal Defense Service Areas

Drug Crimes Attorney

Benjamin Greenwald has 10 years of experience in criminal defense and an in-depth understanding of the guidelines and criminal procedures that federal courts abide by, making him qualified to guard against serious drug allegations in Blooming Grove New York.

Sex Crimes Attorney

If you’re under investigation for a New York sex crime of any sort or if you’re already indicted, you need criminal defense lawyers near me Benjamin Greenwald to assist you build a solid defense.

DWI/DUI Attorney

Whether this is your first DWI offense or your fourth, Benjamin Greenwald, a criminal defense lawyers near me, can defend your rights and freedom.

Weapon Crimes Attorney

criminal defense lawyers near me Benjamin Greenwald in Blooming Grove understands that those accused of using illegal weapons frequently face many accusations. He is ready to vigorously defend you from all criminal accusations.

Robbery and Burglary Crimes Attorney

If you’re accused of either a robbery or burglary crime, The Law Office of Benjamin Greenwald can assist you as they are alert to the main element distinctions between robbery and burglary. Don’t hold off while the prosecution presents its case

Assault and Violent Crimes Attorney

To be able to successfully defend a client against allegations of assault or another violent offense, criminal defense lawyer Benjamin Greenwald knows that a comprehensive analysis of the evidence and effective utilization of it are essential.

Grand Larceny

The severity of a larceny conviction is frequently on the basis of the value of the stolen property. The Benjamin Greenwald Law Firm can inform you of one’s rights so that you are alert to the implications of each action.

Forgery Crimes

When you’re accused with the crime of forgery, you must contact Benjamin Greenwald criminal defense attorney in Blooming Grove New York. Never talk to the authorities before talking to a attorney.

Violent School Crimes

You should bring it seriously if your son or daughter has been investigated for or has already been charged with an offense including a risk of school violence, such as a terrorist threat or shooting. Interact with Benjamin Greenwald right away. Your child’s life could change consequently of the consequences


The definition of arson has been further broken down to tell apart between the kind of property involved, the types of fires that are started, and the likelihood of harming other people.

It is crucial that you contact Benjamin Greenwald Law Office the moment possible when you have been accused of committing this crime.



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