Brand New Choice for Wound Care Solution: Products Made of Alginate

 Brand New Choice for Wound Care Solution: Products Made of Alginate

Single-use wound care materials consist of wound care dressings and self-adhesive dressings. The traditional dressings are gradually being eliminated due to their weak water absorption, poor permeability, and tendency to adhere to the wound when changing. In its place, Winner Medical produces high-quality alginate for wound dressing solutions. These solutions provide patients with pain relief while promoting wound growth.

The benefit of Winner Medical’s alginate for wound dressing

Winner Medical’s alginate for wound dressing consists of biocompatible polyurethane material with an alginate cover layer.

The polyurethane has a tower shape as the inner core and the alginate dressing is in contact with the wound. The alginate for wound dressing contains alginate components that are highly hygroscopic, soft, and comfortable, and promote wound healing.

It can provide support for wound trauma in those special areas, slow down adverse postoperative reactions and reduce patient pain.

Characteristics of alginate

To reduce the trauma caused by dressing changes, Winner Medical uses an alginate wound contact layer, the unique absorbent properties of which greatly reduce patient pain, while reducing the risk of maceration, minimizing skin damage, and truly painless and non-invasive protection, so that the wound no longer affects the quality of life.

Seek detailed information about the wound care products provided by Winner Medical at their official website.


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