3 Approaches a new Patrol Service Could Put Price for a Residence

Signage and passive security measures only go up to now in regards to mitigating criminal activity in your property. Establishing a real, boots-on-ground presence by enlisting a patrol service, sets the tone that there is actual intervention each time a criminal element attempts to compromise the safety and security of one’s property. The example I’ve always used is the suburban neighborhood. It appears you can’t enter any suburban neighborhood without seeing a “No Soliciting” sign. Our approach is that individuals don’t want that message moving in one ear and out the other. Security Guard Atlanta We wish that rule or expectation enforced as a courtesy to residents, customers, tenants and employees in addition to an offense prevention measure.

2. First Point of Contact Professionalism

In working with property managers, we’ve found that Security Officers are normally the very first point of contact in your property. You would certainly not want that first point of contact to be someone loitering or harassing people. As time passes that becomes the “face” of one’s property. Once a protection guard or patrol service has established a real presence in your property, that “face” can become among professionalism, courtesy, and safety. With that said, not all private security agencies have the exact same standards. When seeking out a protection service, search for agencies that hire from military and law enforcement backgrounds. Also ask what additional certifications they might need of these guards above and beyond their state licensing. First Aid Certifications seem just like a no-brainer for someone charged with ensuring the safety and security of one’s property. However, some agencies continually higher lower quality officers so they can pay them less and maintain a higher margin. The bottom line is if you’re considering enlisting the services of a Security Officer and Patrol agency, search for the ones that ensure those following levels of professionalism: Officer Quality, Top Tier Training and Customer Care.

3. Service Accountability

In the event that you go ahead and make your decision that hiring a protection guard or patrol service would greatly boost the “face” of one’s apartment community, commercial center/plaza, and other property, then make sure the service provider is remaining accountable to you, the customer. Not absolutely all private security agencies ensure the exact same standards and accountability measures for their clients. If you add the term out to your residents, employees, tenants, or customers that we’ve taken on a patrol service, then you want to know that you are getting what you are paying for. Search for agencies that utilize security guard and patrol accountability systems. Some patrol services even offer reports offering a period, date and location stamp. This lets you understand that whatever hours or patrol window you’ve decided to is being upheld. Keep them accountable!

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